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Wednesday Wonders: HOT CORNER MAGIC by Carol Malone

Today's Wednesday Wonders features 
Hot Corner Magic 
by Carol Malone 

About Hot Corner Magic: For the Love of the Game...

For the love of game!

Think The Natural meets The Bad News Bears...

During the hot ’49 summer baseball season, the Sox’s hot corner – third baseman – Ruby Fleming, fouls out, and slides into the bottle, landing himself in a minor league team in Texas.

Can a bull-headed, tough-talking manager and a dark-haired angel named, Rebecca, coach Rudy to swing for the fences to save his career, his life, and get the magic back at hot corner?


Rudy, still woozy from a night of celebratory drinking, held the bat with trembling hands and stared down at a blurry, weaving Bearden. "Whatcha got, Traveler? Lemme see yer best."

"Big cheese, ain't ya?" Jim Hegan, crouched behind the plate grumbled. "Well, Harvard, you're just a cucumber whose pickled himself too many times."

Rudy spun around, bat raised, ready to pound Hegan into oatmeal mush. "Take that back."

The umpire stepped between both players. "Stop bustin' Fleming's chops, Hegan. You take your stance, Fleming. Play ball."

Seething, Rudy faced forward again, swinging the bat around then took his batting stance.

Bearden reared back, threw heat, a fastball down and away, Rudy managed to hold up.

"Ball," the ump boomed.

Bells clanged in Rudy's head. He held up his hand and called for time. Stepping out of the batter's box, he glanced down at the third base coach who relayed a signal from the manager.


Not a chance in hell. He wouldn't do it. This was his time to be a hero--the champ he'd been while playing ball four years at Harvard, while earning his mechanical engineering degree.

Rudy stepped back in the batter's box, whirled his bat, hooking it above his shoulder. The crowd of 33,000 surged to their feet, their shouts deafening.

Williams took his lead off first.

Staring down at Bearden, Rudy's eyes flew in and out of focus, his tongue felt numb, his hands shuddered. He had to stop hitting the sauce--right after the Sox won the Series.

Bearden wound up, his foot kicking high, his long arm behind him. Whoosh. 

More heat.

Rudy swung with every ounce of muscle and sinew. The horrible pop of the ball smacking leather reverberated throughout the stadium. The entire crowd went silent. The only other sound was the umpire calling, "Strike threeeee. You're ooooout!"

My Book Review:

This was a great story of redemption. I really enjoyed reading about this young man full of himself to the point he refuses to recognize his self-destructive behavior. He is given a wake-up call when he is sent back to the minors to work under the tutelage of a grizzled old coach, Buzz, who takes no nonsense. He works Rudy to death, but will not let him play until Rudy decides for himself to stop drinking. That "kick-in-the-backside" encouragement, along with the love of the coach's granddaughter provides incentive.

I loved the folksy language of the story, typical, I understand, of pulp fiction. I felt it added immensely to the flavor of the story. The author wrote excellent, believable characters, and the story had a great plot. This is a delightful story, no matter your usual reading genre.

About Carol Malone

Carol & husband-L.A. Dodgers fans
An award winning novelist, Carol Malone writes new-pulp-fiction suspense kissed with romance that rockets readers into the past. In her novels, she encourages women (and men) to overcome doubts and fears. If not hammering out new tales, Carol is reading, watching the Dodgers, (sob!) and Hallmark on TV. Her sci-fi author husband can't understand how Carol can read and watch TV at the same time. She loves to talk sports and romance and invites all to chat with her on her website.

Be sure to read the short introduction on Carol’s website that explains how she got her start writing pulp fiction romances.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wednesday Wonder: The Flight of a Butterfly

Today's Wednesday Wonder features 
The Flight of a Butterfly 
by Rachel Ward

About The Flight of a Butterfly

Lucy Simpson just survived the worst day of her life. Rather than stick around to deal with the fallout of losing her accounting job and the betrayal of her longtime boyfriend, she makes a split-second decision to pull up roots and move to Hawaii.

She arrives with a suitcase, a reservation at a cheap hotel, and a whole lot of hope. Relieved to be an ocean away from her overbearing father, Lucy creates a list of experiences to help her explore what she really wants from life. Her new friends from the singles ward become her cheerleaders and help her cross items off the list one by one. As she does, she learns a little bit more about herself, about life and about love. But when a family emergency calls her home, will she be forced to choose between her old life and a new love?

My Book Review of The Flight of a Butterfly

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of self-discovery. Several things go really wrong, but Lucy soon figures out her problems began when she followed the path others had set up for her life which was not leading to her happiness. I enjoyed reading how she developed a new plan for her life and began to work it with the support of the friends she picked up along the way.  The challenge came when a crisis called her back home. Would she return to what she had before, and would her perspective have changed?

I enjoyed the characters. They felt real. Some of the attitudes were so true to life all I could do was smile and shake my head.

This story had a sweet romance ... more than one, actually ... and it was interesting to read how it played out, especially with the quirks some of the characters needed to resolve. This is a must-read.

CLICK HERE to purchase The Flight of a Butterfly on Amazon.

About Rachel Ward

Rachel grew up reading every book she could get her hands on and spending time with her cat. At least, that was the report in every annual Christmas letter. The humiliation was enough to spur her into action, and she began writing. And she never stopped. Rachel studied English at Brigham Young University-Idaho and then wrote and blogged in between the births of her six children. She currently lives in West Jordan with her family, and while she no longer has a cat, she still reads every book she can get her hands on.

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