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Book Blitz: MEREDITH'S MISTAKE by Amelia C. Adams

Amelia C. Adams has lived many lifetimes, and is currently enjoying this stretch as the author of sweet and clean Western romance. She is the author of the Kansas Crossroads series, the Nurses of New York series, and contributed two books to the American Mail-Order Brides series - with ideas for many more. You can learn more about her and her books on her website 

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The summer Meredith turned eighteen was filled with romance and laughter - two young men sought her hand, and she chose the one she thought would make her the happiest. He certainly was the most handsome, and the wealthiest, and could offer her the most pleasant life. But that turned out to be a mistake . . . one she would regret for a very long time.

In a strange twist of fate, now she's being given a chance to set things right. Will she be able to live down her past, or will her foolishness keep coming back to haunt her and keep her from ever being happy with the man she loves?

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Luke ate a hearty meal, but Meredith only picked at hers. The butterflies in her stomach had turned into lead weights. She could hardly wait until she could excuse herself from the table. As soon as the dishes were stacked and the water to wash them was on to boil, she grabbed Luke’s hand and dragged him outside.
“What’s all the rush?” he asked with a chuckle as soon as they were out of earshot of the house.
“Don’t you have any idea how badly I’ve needed to talk to you? You’re my best friend—I need your advice.”
He leaned on the fence that surrounded the property and rested his foot on the bottom rail. “What’s going on?”
Now that the moment had come, Meredith wasn’t entirely sure where to start. “Well, you remember Mr. Bingham.”
“Of course. He’s a hard one to forget. A fancy suit and a lot of bravado.”
“He’s more than that,” Meredith protested. “He’s smart and attentive, and he’s . . . well, he’s interested in me.”
Luke turned to face her. “What do you mean, he’s interested in you?”
Meredith felt heat coming to her cheeks. “When we were outside on the porch last night, he said . . . he said he’d like to get to know me better. As in, to get ready for courtship.”
“But . . .” Luke shook his head. “I’m not quite sure what to say to that, Meredith. I always thought . . .”
When he didn’t go on, Meredith prompted him. “What?”
“I just always thought that you and I would get married someday.”
Meredith couldn’t possibly have been more surprised. His words hit her chest like she’d been kicked by the cow. “Us? Luke, are you crazy?”
“Apparently I am.” The muscles in his jaw worked, and she could tell that he was struggling not to say even more.
“I don’t mean to be harsh. I just never thought of us that way. You’re my best friend, a brother, someone I can always talk to. I assumed you felt the same way.”
Luke shook his head again. “Funny how two people can see the same thing in such different ways. I’m in love with you, Meredith. I have been pretty much since the first day we met. There was something about you that just spoke to something in me, and I thought that someday, it would all come together. Maybe I should have talked to you about it, huh? Made sure we were on the same page?”
Meredith leaned on the fence and buried her face in her folded arms. This was horrible. This was absolutely horrible. How much time had Luke wasted on her when he could have been out with other girls, girls who could return his feelings? She felt sick inside knowing that she could never give him what he wanted. All they could ever be was friends, and this conversation might change that too. Everything would be awkward between them now.
“I’m sorry, Meredith. Maybe I should have held my tongue.” He touched her back, much the same as he had so often over the years, but now it held more meaning. “I’m happy for you—I really am. If Mr. Bingham is the right man for you, I’ll wish you well.”

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Blitz: JESSE'S BARGAIN by Kay P. Dawson

I am a stay at home mom, who loves to read and write clean historical romance. I enjoy thinking back to a simpler time, a time when men and women were true heroes. I also believe that a good romance can be told without needing to know all of the details;)

All of my stories will tell of people who find true love, and who find their happy ever after. Sometimes the road might be rocky, but that makes it all worthwhile!

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Cora left England for a new life in America as a mail order bride - only to find the man she’s come to marry has been killed in a gunfight. She has a sister in Kansas, but how can she get there?

Jesse needs this job driving cattle to Kansas so he can marry the woman who’s given him an ultimatum - buy land and settle down, or she’ll marry someone who will.

But, his cook’s been killed in the same gunfight, leaving him without anyone to drive the chuckwagon. His right hand man, an old cowboy with a soft heart, has a solution for both Cora and Jesse - one he might not like.

Dressed as a boy, Cora heads off with a team of cowboys, led by a man who isn’t happy about her being there. Kansas is a long way away…and a lot can happen before they get there.

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Snippet #2

Cora heard Jesse yell, but a fear she’d never felt had her in its grip, not letting her move.  She didn’t know which way to move to get out of the way of the mass of hooves thundering toward her.
Suddenly, Jesse was right in front of her, leaning down from his saddle.  "Grab my hand!"
She didn’t even have time to react before she felt his hand grip her arm.  She held on with all her strength as he threw her up in front of him on his horse, never slowing down.  She was laying across his legs, bouncing with every stride the horse took, as they raced to get ahead of the stampeding cattle.

Trying not to think about the unladylike position she was in, she held on for dear life to the leg she was thrown across.  Vaguely, she noticed the hat fall from her head, and she realized her long blond hair would be hanging out for everyone to see.  But, at the moment, she didn’t care.  She just needed the jarring of the horse beneath her to stop.  She was sure if she survived this ordeal, she’d be lucky not to have broken ribs, at the very least, to remember it.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Book Blitz: KIZZIE'S KISSES by Zina Abbott

Zina Abbott is the pen name used by Robyn Echols for her historical romances. Robyn currently lives with her husband in California, USA, near the “Gateway to Yosemite.” 

She is a member of Women Writing the West, and American Night Writers Association. She enjoys any kind of history including family history. 

When she is not piecing together novel plots, she pieces together quilt blocks.

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Running from hostile Indians attacking Salina, Kansas in 1862, feisty Kizzie Atwell, Grandma Mary’s oldest grandchild, runs into freighter Leander Jones traveling the Smoky Hill Trail. He is as interested in her as his stallion is in her mare. The two join forces to prevent the Fort Riley Army captain from requisitioning their beloved horses for the cavalry. Avoiding bushwhackers and fighting off a thieving bullwhacker binds their bargain.

In 1865, at the victory dance held at Fort Riley to celebrate the end of the Civil War, Kizzie is asked to participate in a fund-raiser to aid the Sanitary Commission helping injured and sick soldiers. It involves chaste sweetheart kisses in exchange for tickets purchased by officers and guests. As a contract freighter for the Army, Leander is invited. Much to Leander’s chagrin, before his chance to claim his kiss, Kizzie’s uncle steps in and puts an end to the kissing game.

Is Leander out of luck, or will the bargain Kizzie and Leander made three years earlier to save their horses lead to a more romantic bargain sealed with a kiss?

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Snippet #2

      Kizzie heard the whinny and snort of fear. She felt something tug the reins out of her hands as Sugarcone began to step back. Something or someone was behind her trying to steal her horse.
          Kizzie pulled the pepperbox pistol out of her waistband as she spun around. “Drop the reins! Don’t you dare try to steal my horse.”
          Kizzie’s eyes widened and her breath began to heave as she took in the appearance of the filthy, poorly dressed man twice her size that stood before her. He was of average height, but the width of his shoulders and his barrel chest above his bulging stomach spoke of bulk strength. His dark beard and moustache bushed full over the lower half of his tanned face coated with dust. A sweat and dirt-encrusted misshapen slouch hat covered his head. His sunken eyes narrowed even further as his mouth split into a mocking grin. He raised his hands, but never let loose of the reins.
          “Naw, you don’t want to shoot no one with that silly little pop gun. You just hand it over real nice. I’ll take that and the horse and leave you be.”

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Monday, March 27, 2017


Kate Cambridge is an emerging author of Sweet Historical Romance and Sweet Contemporary Romance. She is a hopeless romantic, strong supporter of women's rights, and loves to create stories that inspire, and characters who seem real long after "The End."

Visit for more information, or to join the Choice Readers group for special launch-day pricing, contests, and more. Be one of the first to know what happens next...

Kate loves to connect with readers!

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The greatest inspiration is often born of desperation.

One year ago Hannah Quinn scored her dream job, and now the fate of the museum she loves will rise or fall on her next exhibit. But wait... there's a problem. She doesn't have a clue what her next exhibit will be!

When a trunk with two quilts is donated to the museum, Hannah's boss thinks she's wasting her time chasing down the history of the quilts, regardless of their beauty; but Hannah persists. She knows there's something special about these quilts, and a story that demands to be told.

Little does Hannah know, her friend Callum, a researcher and consultant, plays an unexpected a role in her investigation that leads to questions and discoveries that threaten the foundation of all she holds most dear.

Will her desperation to discover the story of the quilts cause her to lose the very thing she loves the most - or will the secrets she uncover lead her to more than she ever dreamed?

~ Amazon ~  Amazon UK

Snippet #1

“There it was, that musty smell that filled Hannah Quinn with excitement. It was the same aroma that drifted off the pages of books that hadn’t been opened in centuries. To her, it signaled an opportunity to time travel, a chance to obtain knowledge that might have been lost for centuries— a story waiting to be told.”

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Today's Wednesday Wonders features 
Courting Carrie in Wonderland
by Carla Kelly 

About Courting Carrie in Wonderland:

Struggling through college and balancing her summer job in Yellowstone Park with the Wylie Camping Company, Carrie McKay simply doesn't have time to consider romance. Spanish American War Veteran Sergeant Major Ramsay Stiles also isn't looking for love, busy with his own complicated affairs. But as the magic of Yellowstone starts making its way into their hearts, both begin to see love move up their priority list.


Even though she was short, Carrie McKay had a purposeful stride. She led him past the dining hall toward a nondescript shed with a sign reading, “Mr. Wylie’s Office” tacked above the door. He noticed a daily chore board outside the door, where employees wrote in their names and hours.

     He waited for her to open the door, or at least knock, then he felt flattered when she seemed content to stand there with him.
     “When I was a little girl, I saw a tall lady in Bozeman who walked her really small dog on a leash. My, but that little fellow could move. His feet were a blur.” She laughed. “Thanks for slowing down a bit.”
     He smiled, because the picture she painted of the little dog trucking along was so vivid. “You have a way with a phrase. Are you one of Mr. Wylie’s storytellers around the campfire?”
     “I’m a kitchen flunkie, and I sing at the campfires. I worked mostly at Lake Yellowstone Camp last summer, and in Gardiner the summer before, where Mr. Wylie keeps a temporary office. Lots of times the soldiers came over from their station at Lake to listen. Were you one of those? I don’t remember you, sir.”
     “I was in the Philippines last year,” he said.
     He thought he had tossed off the sentence with a certain unconcerned air, but maybe not, since she gave him a gentle look. He didn’t know how else to explain that look.    
     “And now you’re here,” she said, so matter-of-fact. “I’ll wager this is better.”
     She knocked on the door and then opened it and stuck her head in. “Mr. Wylie, you have a visitor of an official nature, I think.” She looked back at Ramsay, eyeing his chevrons and hash marks. “He’s some sort of sergeant, but maybe a bit more.”
     “Send the man in, Carrie, no matter what sort of sergeant he is.”
     Carrie opened the door and ushered him inside. Ramsay removed his campaign hat because the ceiling was low but then wondered what to do with the thing that seemed to grow to enormous proportions, because he felt suddenly awkward.
     He shouldn’t have worried. Carrie deftly plucked his hat from his hand and hung it by the chin strap from a hook. She stood there, hands clasped in front of her, so proper but still with that amazing twinkle in her eyes, as if life itself was the adventure.
     Mr. Wylie stood up and held out his hand. “Will Wylie,” he said.
     “Sergeant Major Stiles,” Ramsay said, glad to have something to do with his hands. Gadfreys, where was this sudden shyness coming from?
     “Mr. Wylie, would you like me to get you two some pie?” Carrie asked.
     Pie. He couldn’t help himself and sighed. “Mr. Wylie, I dreamed about cherry pie from this very dining room for the last year and a half.”
     “He was in the Philippines,” Carrie added, frowning. “I’m afraid it’s only a reconstituted dried apple pie. We haven’t unpacked the canned cherries yet, but there is whipped cream. Mounds of it, if you’d like.”
     Shoot me dead right now and I will die a happy man, Ramsay thought.
     “Will apple pie be an adequate substitute?” Mr. Wylie asked him. “I hate to disappoint the army.” He looked closer and Ramsay saw the respect in his eyes. “Sergeant major, are you?”
     “As of February, Mr. Wylie. “You might remember me from B Company. We patrol this district.”
     “Indeed I do,” Mr. Wylie replied. “I remember more than that.” He gestured toward a Nabisco box. “Have a seat in my well-appointed office. Carrie, bring us some pie, and while you’re at it, get a piece for yourself and join us.”
     Thank you, Mr. Wylie, Ramsay thought.
     “Bring a note pad and pencil too. I suspect Sergeant Major Stiles is here on business, even though he’d like pie.”
     “On my way,” she said, closing the door quietly behind her.
     “The Philippines?” Mr. Wylie asked. He leaned back in his swivel chair and regarded Ramsay with interest. “Stiles, Stiles. There was an article about you in the Bozeman paper last winter, wasn’t there?”
     Here it came. “Yes, sir, there was.”
     “Something about a Medal of Honor.”
     “That’s the one.” He took a chance. “It’s good to be back here in Yellowstone, sir.”
     “I feel that way at the start of every season,” Mr. Wylie said, letting him change the subject, to Ramsay’s relief. “You have some business with us?”
     No, I’m just here to eat pie and admire the help, he thought but had the sense not to say it. “Out in my saddle bag. I’ll be right back,” Ramsay said.
     Xerxes gave him a patient look, the look that told Ramsay he wasn’t measuring up, but a horse is just a horse, even a smart one. Ramsay took the letter from the saddlebag, gave Xerxes a pat, and turned around in time to open the door for Carrie, who held a tray of pie.
     She was about to hoist the tray to her shoulder to get a free hand when he made his move. He opened the door with what he wished was a flourish, except that it’s hard to give a grand gesture to a door on a shed.
     “Yours is the one with all the whipped cream,” she said as he stepped back for her to pass.
     She set the tray on another Nabisco box and handed a plate to Mr. Wylie and the other to him, after he resumed his perch on his box. He set the letter on Mr. Wylie’s desk, but the man just waved it away.
     “Pie first. That’s my rule. Dig in, Sergeant Major Stiles.”
     After tucking a napkin into the neck of his uniform blouse, he dug in with no hesitation. It took every ounce of discipline not to utter small cries of delight as the first bite went down so smoothly, well-lubricated with whipped cream. He glanced at Carrie, who was watching him, her face full of good humor.
     “It’s edible?” she asked.
     “You cannot imagine how good this is,” he assured her.
     “I made it,” she said and took a bite of her own, one not burdened with too much whipped cream.
     “In addition to shorthand and some secretarial classes, Carrie is taking the domestic science course at Montana Agricultural College in Bozeman,” Mr. Wylie explained, after he took his own bite. “Did you make an A in pie?”
     “Fruit and cream pie, plus eclairs, creampuffs, and cookies,” she told Mr. Wylie. “Cake is fall semester this year.”
     “You know shorthand too?” Ramsay asked, knowing he was here on business, but tossing all discipline to the wind, if only for the moment.
     Carrie gave a kind look in her employer’s direction. “Mr. Wylie says I should maximize my efficiency in all areas, because we live in a modern century.”
     Who could argue with that? Ramsay nodded and applied himself to the more important issue of eating pie, grateful down to his boots that the First Cavalry was still garrisoned at Fort Yellowstone and not back in Arizona Territory, staring down surly Apaches.

My Book Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book set in 1903 in Yellowstone National Park. The hero, Ramsay Stiles, was a career soldier recently returned from fighting in the Philippines. A promotion to Sergeant Major and a Congressional Medal of Honor did not drive away the nightmares over the men he could not save or the injuries he received. At a time when the U.S. Army patrolled the national parks before the days of park rangers, he was tasked with solving problems, protecting the natural features of the park from careless and souvenir-seekers, keeping the tourists safe and prevent them from making trouble. According to his commanding officer, and befitting his new station in life, he was to find a wife, possibly from among the tourists and workers that flocked to the park. Etiquette book in hand to help this man who had little experience with being around females, he went about to do his duty.

I love the pacing of the story line of this highly accomplished author as she introduced her characters and developed the start of this sweet romance. Her characters were excellent and very believable. It was hard to not fall in love with them, especially as the author shared enough about each character's history for us to understand them and what made say and act the way they did.  
The suspense created by the circumstances which threatened to tear Ramsay and Carrie apart kept me reading. At the end, the two had choices to make. Considering what I knew of the characters from the story, the decision made did not come as a total surprise. 

There was a lot of research that went into this story. I felt like I was transported back to Yellowstone Park over one hundred years ago as I was introduced to some of the real people who were there and who helped to develop the park. I better appreciated the plight of the buffalo, bears and wolves. I enjoyed the after notes with some historical tidbits almost as much as I did the story itself.  I highly recommend this book.

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About Carla Kelly:  

Carla Kelly is a veteran of the New York and international publishing world. The author of more than thirty novels and novellas for Donald I. Fine Co., Signet, and Harlequin, Carla is the recipient of two Rita Awards (think Oscars for romance writing) from Romance Writers of America and two Spur Awards (think Oscars for western fiction) from Western Writers of America. She is also a recipient of a Whitney Award for Borrowed Light, My Loving Vigil Keeping, and Softly Falling. 

Contact Carla Kelly at: