Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday Wonders: EVARANCE

Today's Wednesday Wonders features 
Evarance: Rise of the Shadows 
by Bonnie M. Clark 

About the Book:


It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She gently lifted the bracelet out of the box and clasped it around her wrist, admiring the little fire charm that shimmered in the sunlight and looked as if it were really burning. She didn’t know it yet, but that one simple act would change everything forever.

Trapped in a world of dreams turned to nightmares, Rachel struggles to escape the encroaching darkness and the shadow wolves that hunt her. Aided by firefoxes, mysticorns and other elementals, she must now travel across the land in search of a way to return home. The clock is ticking and death awaits if she fails…


        “Wake up! Just wake up already!” Rachel’s head screamed as the monstrous black creature approached, growling low and viciously, his lips curled up showing razor sharp teeth dripping with saliva and blood.
          “You have nowhere left to run, little girl,” he snarled with a wicked grin, crouching low, readying for the attack.
          Rachel took one step backward before her back pressed hard against the solid rock wall. She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the blow that would certainly end her life.
          There was a time, before the horrible nightmares began, that she found solace in her dreams. To Rachel, her dreams were an exciting escape from the boring life she once lived. But now, more than anything, she just wanted the dream she had become trapped in for so long to end.

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     “Oh, I almost forgot,” Dad said, straightening his glasses before addressing Mom, who had already begun eating. “Have you seen Rachel yet this morning? Evalyn said she wasn’t in the tent when she woke up.”
     “Rachel wasn’t in the tent?” Mom asked with alarm. “I’ve been up for over an hour, and I haven’t seen or heard her.” Mom’s usually pleasant face changed, a look of worry sweeping across it.
     “Rachel!” Mom yelled, the words echoing through the woods. “Rachel, honey, where are you?”
     Everyone froze in silence, waiting for a reply, but the forest remained still.
     “Rachel?” Dad’s voice called out, also echoing through the eerily quiet. “Can you hear me?”
     Again everyone listened in quiet anticipation, but still there was no reply.
     Mom turned to Dad, her worried expression growing quickly into panic. “It’s not like Rachel to wander off—”
     “No, that’s not like Rachel at all,” Dad agreed as he turned toward Evalyn. “Evalyn? Go wake up your brother. Hurry!”
     Evalyn didn’t have to be asked twice. She sprinted over to Chris’s tent and ripped up the zipper as fast as she could, flooding light into the tent.
     “Ahhh, it burns!” Chris hissed grumpily, throwing the pillow over his head to block out the light.
     “Not now, you idiot!” Evalyn snapped, tearing the pillow off him. “Mom and Dad said get up now! Rachel’s missing!”
     Chris sat straight up in his sleeping bag, rubbing his eyes. “Wait, Rachel’s what?”
     “She’s gone! Missing!” Evalyn yelled in agitation, throw-ing the pillow back at him. “Get dressed! I’m going to help Mom and Dad look for her!” With that, Evalyn stormed away from the tent and followed the sounds of her parents’ increasingly frantic shouts.
     “Rachel, honey!” Mom bellowed.
     “Rachel!” Dad called, over and over again, that was until he saw Evalyn approach.
     “Evalyn,” Mom said, her voice shaking, “come help us look for her.”
     “Where’s Chris?” Dad asked, looking around.
     “He’ll be here in a minute,” she replied, “he’s throwing some clothes on.”
     “I see,” Dad said, calmly trying to mask any fears he might be feeling. “Well, we don’t need anyone else to go missing. Evalyn you go with your Mom and search the south side of camp. I’ll wait for Chris, and we’ll take the north side.” Dad’s voice trailed off, his worried face giving away his otherwise calm demeanor. “Oh, and take this.” He handed Evalyn a two-way radio. “Not much cell phone reception out here. Keep it on channel three, and let me know if you find anything.”
     “Okay,” Evalyn said, grasping the radio securely in her hand.
     “Sweetheart?” Mom inquired, grabbing Dad’s hand in hers, her eyes telling him all the unspoken fears she couldn’t vocalize.
     “We’ll find her,” he replied in the most confident voice he could muster, giving Mom’s hand a tight squeeze. “Now go, quickly. I’ll head over to get Chris.”

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About Bonnie M. Clark:

Bonnie Clark lives in West Virginia with her husband and five children. She worked at a comic shop as a young adult, attending Japanese Anime conventions where she participated in cosplays, art shows, and sold merchandise. She has a passion for writing, achieving her dreams, and helping others achieve theirs. She loves gardening, nature, animals, and has dreamed about firefoxes since her early teens. She also loves getting back to basics by learning self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness skills. She graduated from BYU-Hawaii with a degree in Information Systems and currently works as a Cyber Security professional. To learn more, visit her website at

EVARANCE – RISE OF THE SHADOWS is her debut novel.

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