Thursday, August 16, 2012

Broke Through Chapter Six

Whoo-Hoo! Between the triple-digit heat hovering between 104 and 108 degrees and Chapter Six of Aurora Redress acting as a writer's block, I have not accomplished much on my novel. But today, I woke up cool and relaxed, the outside temperature never reached over 99 degrees, the inside stayed cool and comfortable and I wrote over 2500 words, including completing Chapter Six and fine-tuning some other chapters.

I am now into the portion of the book that I wrote earlier as part of Aurora Rescue, but pulled out due length. However, because I pulled bits and pieces of some of these chapters out of my original manuscript to round out and complete the first novel, I need to make sure that what is left in Aurora Redress flows and has no gaping holes.

I will soon get this next portion out to my test readers for their input and editing. (Hint! Hint! I am waiting for your feedback on the first section, readers.) However, except for a few short breaks, I have been writing for ten hours. I am calling it a day. A good one, but over as far as writing goes!