Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Side of the Moon

I finished typing into the computer my short story collection that I actually wrote twenty-five years ago and titled "Mom and Walt Stories." It was on my computer at that time--something before Windows 95--but I did not keep the file updated as I bought newer technology and programs. So, using my dot-matrix (How old is that?) print-out, I input it again.

 My stepfather, Walt, once worked for NASA during the heyday of space exploration, so I changed the title to This Side of the Moon. Since 2013 would be the 50th anniversary of their marriage if they both were still living, I decided publishing this piece now would be a fitting tribute to them. I have dedicated it to my mother and stepfather as well as my brother, Bob, since they are all now on the other side of the moon.

At 5,000 plus words, this is a humorous short-short, not even a novella, but something I hope people will find entertaining and reminiscent of society in late sixties, early seventies. Although I have used a certain amount of literary license, the incidences are based on actual events that I either witnessed or that were told to me by my mother. In other words, who could make this stuff up?

To give a hint of the contents, the chapter titles are as follows:
1.  List-less
2.  Snakebite Business
3.  The Late Great Vitamin E
4.  Butt You Never Say...
5.  Gut-less
6.  Anniversaries

I plan to publish it soon. First, I need to decide if I want to try to add artwork--probably black on white line drawings if I do. Before I do that, I need to work out how that would look in ebook format on Kindles, Nooks, smartphones, etc.