Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter 13 - The Lucky Chapter

I am finished up through Chapter 12 of Family Secret. Man, that was a hard chapter. It was where Jennie's husband really gets pig-nasty rotten with her. But, that is over, and on to Chapter 13, the scene where Jennie is fortunate enough to be the first in her family to persuade her Grandpa to talk about some of his Vietnam War experiences as she tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the family secret.

Chapter 14, now that will be a tough one. I will largely be borrowing from my own husband's Vietnam War combat experiences. It could be a book in and of itself instead of a long chapter. But, the heart of the message of this chapter will not be the blow-by-blow account of the action that took place. Rather it will be the effect on the people involved and how it continued to influence their lives even after they came back home.