Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blog Tour & My Book Review: TWICE BETRAYED

The thread of friendship is stretched to the breaking point…

With the spark of independence crackling in Colonial Philadelphia, Perdy Rogers chafes under the strict rule of her Quaker grandmother and the endless duties of her apprenticeship in Betsy Ross’s upholstery shop. So when her best friend shares a secret and invites Perdy to help plan an elopement, she’s thrilled to be with her friends again. But Perdy has no idea that one favor will unravel the stable fabric of her life and involve her in a tangled web of deceit, lies and treachery.

Disguised as boys, three girls head to the river to put Perdy’s plan into action, but only two return. When the third, a young milliner’s assistant, is found drowned with gold coins sewn into her hems, coded spy letters in her bodice, and a journal implicating another sewing apprentice as her co-conspirator, all eyes turn to Perdy Rogers. But she’s no spy! 

Accused of treason, she struggles to prove her innocence with the help of a handsome stranger and learns the hard way that freedom, whether an individual’s or a country’s, comes at a cost.

As a Master Educationalist Gayle C. Krause taught Children’s Literature, creative writing, storytelling techniques, and acting in upstate New York, where she trained young men and women to become successful Early Childhood and Elementary teachers. She also directed the Pre-K Laboratory School affiliated with her teacher-training program and taught at a local SUNY college as an adjunct professor.

Her years as a creative role model for teens and pre-school children have led to her career as a children’s author. She is a member of SCBWI, KIDLIT, INK, The JAGRS Writing Group, and a past member of the Historical Novel Society and The Poets’ Garage.

Her publishing credits include:

•          Rock Star Santa, (2008) Scholastic.
•          RATGIRL: Song of the Viper - Noble Young Adult /Trowbridge Books (2013)
•          Scheherazade’s Secret – Trowbridge Books 2014
•          Twice Betrayed – Trowbridge Books 2017
•          And coming November 7, 2017 – Daddy, Can You See the Moon? – Clear Fork Publishing.

She lives in a small town not far from where she was born. She listens to her muse sing through the trees of the Pocono Mountains and is inspired to write for children everyday.

Connect with the Author here: 

Prudence “Perdy” Rogers found herself in quite a predicament after making a not-so-prudent decision to go along with the scheme devised by her friends which almost got her killed and endangered her much younger sister. The author wove a fun tale about patriotism, and how sometimes it doesn’t pay to be clever, especially when friends know about a talent and use it to further their own ends. Such are the results of intrigues on the eve of revolution.

I enjoyed the characters the author developed in this book, but the pesky, but adorable, four year-old little sister Abby to the stern, but devoted grandmother. Then there was Betsy Ross to whom Perdy was apprenticed. I enjoyed the twist the author developed on the creation of the first American flag. Then there was the stranger, Darach, a cabin boy on a ship anchored in the harbor, who proved to be a greater friend than some Perdy had known her whole life.

The author did a great job of throwing in twists and turns to keep me guessing who were really the bad guys behind the whole intrigue, and who were causing problems for Perdy, even being willing to condemn her to death to protect their own. Friend after family either abandoned her or died, leaving her alone to face an uncertain future. However, the author did a wonderful job of pulling the ending together to a satisfying conclusion.

This book is intended for young adult readers. It has clean romance elements, and leaves anyone of any age things to consider when it comes to disobeying rules, deceiving those close to you and blindly placing trust in friends, some of whom are being manipulated themselves. I would recommend it for all readers.

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