Monday, August 30, 2010

Pumpkinis, or a Practice Contest

Okay, when I start marketing my novels, I need to sponsor some contests. Here is a trial contest. It has nothing to do with any of my novel ideas, but it sets a precedent. To qualify, those who want to play will need to answer a question correctly.

So, here is the question:  How many pumpkins in this picture?

Answer:  Three that I can be sure of. Three are what are better known among some of my friends as "pumpkinis" -- the result of my volunteer squash plants that were pollenated last year by a "tree bee" that did not discriminate between my pumpkin blossoms, zucchini blossoms or my yellow straight-neck squash blossoms. The tall, skinny yellowish one may be a pumpkin-yellow squash baby or it may be an anorexic pumpkin--not sure which. What it is now is part of some pretty tasty squash bread. Then, of course, there are the three tomatoes for color and contrast.

Oh, there is no prize if you guessed right -- this was a test, only a test.

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