Thursday, April 7, 2011

No More Dilemma

I was writing two books side-by-side because I was debating if I should make Armitage a stand-alone historical novel or if I should make it part of the Jennie Graves series. I added the chapters to make it fit as the novel to follow Family Secret.

The dilemma is over.

After getting about eight chapters into both of them, I have decided that  Armitage is going to be a Jennie Graves novel. Now I am focusing on finishing Family Secret to introduce the series.

I want to write about "Carp" and his memories of Viet Nam. (Thanks, Hubby, for letting me pull heavily from your stories. Unlike many men, including "Carp", who would not or could not discuss their war experiences with anyone, my husband was able to get past his by talking them out.) As much as I want to tackle this block-buster chapter now, I first need to finish the two preceding chapters that will lead up to it.

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