Thursday, April 24, 2014

How I Manage My Kindle

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Someone recently asked me how I delete books off of my Kindle. I have one of the basic readers and currently have almost 800 books ON my Kindle. I have no idea how many I have already taken OFF my Kindle. I only know I don't want it to get so full that I use up all the memory.

Keep in mind this is a quickly thrown together tutorial and the photos are quick snaps, not the best quality. Also, I should have numbered my arrows more efficiently. But, I didn't, so here goes.....

I'm going to delete my own novel, Aurora Rescue, off my Kindle since I've read it and know how to find it again if I need to. I bring up the main menu and, using the down arrow, highlight the name of the book (Image 1, #1). I then click on the right arrow (Image 1, #2).

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This brings me to a menu with several options. The top option (Image 2, #1) allows me to organize my books in categories which I set up. (That is another whole tutorial.) I use the down arrow (Image 2, #2) to make other selections. One of my favorites is the "Book Description," so I can go back to the Amazon site and review what the book is about. For me, this is a must since I often have slept between the time I buy a book and I read it.
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Once I arrow down (Image 3, #1, I press the center of the selection button (Image 3, #2) and--Whalla! The book is deleted off of my Kindle. It is still in my Kindle Cloud should I ever want to find it again. (I sometimes like to check the cloud for all books written by the same author, whether or not the book is still on my Kindle.)
Image 5

Other functions I use a lot are accessed by the little button to the right of the selection button (Image 4, #3) I press this when in the main book menu mode to get to "Settings" (Image 4, #4) where I like to keep the Kindle on Airplane Mode while I am not downloading books or checking the book description. Saves on the battery life.

Also, when I am in the book itself, I like to use that button (Image 5, #5) to, among other things, adjust the size of the font. And, if ever I am roaming around my Kindle and want to go back to previous pages or previous screens, I use the little "Back" button on the far left (Image 5, #6)

My Nook is the device I have that has everything in color and lets me access the internet, do emails and the like. It also has a method for either removing books from the front page or off the device completely It also has its own cloud so nothing I have purchased is completely lost.

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