Monday, February 1, 2016

Branding Wednesday Wonders

Now that I am getting more comfortable using twitter banners to promote blogs and books, I decided it was time to "brand" my Wednesday Wonders feature for this blog.

I started several weeks ago to use a nameplate at the top of every Wednesday Wonders blog post featuring guest authors. My intent was to set this apart from blogs that are about me and my books.

For Twitter banners and images to put on Facebook, I have been using a variation of a banner for Robyn Echols Books with a blank background in four color choices. Here are two:

Today I worked on a Twitter banner blank that I can use with every guest author I feature. I chose an image that is compatible with my Yosemite background shot I have been using for my Facebook, Blogger and Twitter banner for the past several years. I pulled up a new photo I took late last fall, the same one I used for my "Happy Thanksgiving" wish to my friends, family and followers:

Unfortunately, when I tried to insert a book in the blue sky portion, the background image was so busy it overwhelmed the book I planned to feature. So, back to the photo-editing program. I pulled up another image of the same scene, but one that involved a lighter sky, less of El Capitan and more of Cathedral Rocks. A little cropping, greening up my trees, adding my logo and contact information and -- Ta da! -- my new banner for featuring Wednesday Wonders books:

I'll see how this goes for awhile -- until I come up with something different.

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