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 Today's Wednesday Wonders features 
Debby Lee's novella
Love On the Run
 part of the
The Courageous Brides Collection


Ride into adventures alongside nine determined women of yesteryear whose acts of compassion and bravery attract male attention. Marcy helps displaced Indians. Emmy tends wounds at Fort Snelling. Ronnie stows away on a cattle drive. Daisy disguises herself as a Pony Express rider. Elinor becomes an abolitionist. Mae tames wild horses. Hannah gets help for accident victims. Lucy’s curiosity unnerves criminals. Kate nurses soldiers on the battlefield. Will real dangers douse the sparks of love?

EXCERPT from Love On the Run

          Chapter 1  
Daisy Hollister’s gaze fell on the slicked-up man in Army blue stepping down from the stage coach. The polished medals and shiny buttons on the officer’s uniform glistened in the summer sun like the thirty pieces of silver once held by Judas Iscariot. From a distance the man appeared to be Randall “Butch” Butchovick, the snake who had haunted her nightmares for a year. 

A slight breeze blew through the branches of a nearby tree causing the late afternoon shadows danced around the horse-drawn conveyance so Daisy couldn’t recognize the man for sure. For a closer inspection, she snuck forward a few steps. A small barrel of sugar sat atop a larger barrel of dried beans. They provided a measure of obscurity as she stepped behind them. Her gloved hands clutched her reticule so hard her fingers ached.

“See to it my trunks are delivered to the hotel.” The man called to the stage coach driver.

Air flew from Daisy’s lungs in a whoosh. That voice! This was Butch, all right. Her knees went weak with fear, and rebelled at the thought of holding her upright. Thank the Lord the barrel provided support. She leaned against the rough wooden container. What now? She couldn’t spend the rest of her days running from the goon, yet confronting him could mean a trip to the Pearly Gates. 

The sound of heavy boots clomping along the boardwalk jerked Daisy’s attention to the person approaching her.

The stage coach driver carried a mail sack. “Afternoon Ma’am.” He tipped his hat as he passed by.

Daisy nodded, but was too frightened to manage a reply. Two young boys lugging a large trunk followed the driver. Farther down the boardwalk she spied Butch. He puffed on a cigar and leered at a saloon girl who had just stepped through the establishment’s batwing doors.

 Daisy had to find a way out of town, fast.

About Debby Lee:

Debby Lee was raised in the cozy little town of Toledo, Washington. She has been writing since she was a small child, but never forgets home.

The Northwest Christian Writers and Romance Writers of America are two writing organizations she enjoys being a part of. She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the  Steven Laube Literary Agency.

As a self professed nature lover, and an avid listener of 1960's folk music, Debby can't help but feel like a hippie child who wasn't born soon enough to attend Woodstock. She wishes she could run barefoot all year long, but often does anyway in grasses, and on beaches in her hamlet that is the cold and rainy southwest Washington.

During football season, Debby cheers on the Seattle Seahawks along with legions of other devoted fans. She's also filled with wanderlust and dreams of visiting Denmark, Italy, and Morocco someday.

Debby Lee loves connecting with her readers. Visit her website at


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