Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday Wonders: THE YANKEE YEARS

This week's Wednesday Wonders features the boxset 
The Yankee Years 
by Dianne Ascrost
About the books:
After the Allied troops arrived in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland during the Second World War, life in the quiet, rural county would never be the same again.

Book 1: The Shadow Ally

June 1941: When Ruth Corey finds a letter her journalist boyfriend, Harry Coalter, has written, revealing details of the secret construction of an American flying-boat base, she fears he will disclose information that could destroy America’s neutrality and land him in serious trouble. The letter must not be posted. Ruth enlists the help of a guest at her family’s hotel, attractive Italian-American civilian contractor Frank Long, to help her stop Harry.
Can Ruth safeguard this military secret and protect her beau?

Book 2: Acts of Sabotage

December 1941: The attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into the war have eliminated the need for secrecy surrounding the construction of the American flying-boat base but now there is an urgency to complete the project before the first US troops arrive on Northern Ireland’s shores. Frank is doing his utmost to ensure the airbase will be ready but religious conflict within the workforce and suspected IRA involvement in the theft of materials and tools from the construction site make his job nearly impossible. When Frank confides his worries to Ruth, despite the risks entailed in meddling in the activities of terrorists, the pair devise a plan to catch the thieves.
Can Ruth and Frank stop the acts of sabotage that threaten the military project and what does the future hold for the two of them?

Book 3: Keeping Her Pledge

June 1942: Pearl Grainger’s life is much more exciting since the Allied troops arrived. She’s out dancing several times each week and she has met RCAF seaplane navigator, Pilot Officer Chuck Walker who quickly becomes special to her. The harsh realities of war are far removed from her until the evening an RCAF flying-boat crashes into a field on her family’s farm. Watching her family attempt to rescue the crew from the burning wreckage, she realises it’s time she played her part in the war effort and resolves to volunteer at the nearby US Army Station Hospital. Pearl’s intentions are good but she is unprepared for the harsh reality of a hospital during wartime, and her RCAF boyfriend is determined to protect her from it.
Can Pearl keep her pledge to do her bit for the war effort without losing the man she loves?

A tale for fans of Annie Murray, Ellie Dean and Margaret Dickinson.

The Yankee Years series: During the Second World War Northern Ireland hosted American, British and Canadian troops. County Fermanagh welcomed Air Force squadrons hunting U-boats and defending shipping convoys in the Atlantic Ocean and Army battalions training and preparing for deployment to Europe’s Western Front. After the Allied troops arrived, life would never be the same again. The Yankee Years novels and Short Reads weave thrilling and romantic tales of the people and the era.  

The Yankee Years may be purchased:

My Thoughts:

I read the second book in this series, Acts of Sabotage, which prompted me to invite Dianne to share her book series on my blog. Her series, set in northern Ireland just before the United States entered World War II, gives a view to not only the dangers United Kingdom citizens faced due to tensions between Northern Ireland and Ireland, but the extent of American involvement even at that point in time. It has a delightful clean romance. I recommend these books to readers who enjoy World War II stories as well as romances set in this era.
About the Author:

Dianne Ascroft is an urban Canadian writer. She moved to Britain more than a quarter of a century ago and gradually downsized until she is now settled on a farm in rural Northern Ireland with her husband and an assortment of strong willed animals.

She writes historical and contemporary fiction, often with an Irish connection. Her current series The Yankee Years is a collection of Short Reads and novels set in World War II Northern Ireland. After the Allied troops arrived in this outlying part of Great Britain, life there would never be the same again. The series weaves tales to evoke the people and the era. Her previous writing includes a short story collection, Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves and an historical novel, Hitler and Mars Bars. Online she lurks at

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