Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday Wonders: OFF KILTER

Today's Wednesday Wonders features 
Off Kilter 
by Glen Robins

About Off Kilter:

Collin Cook is a man on the run – from many things. This young father is struggling with his career, his increasingly strained marriage, and the pressures of life when he is sent into a tailspin by the sudden, tragic loss of his family. Losing them was a painful shock. Witnessing the accident over the phone was enough to send him over the edge. In “Off Kilter”, we follow Collin around the world as he battles with guilt and the pain of his loss while trying to stay one step ahead of his would-be captors. These would be captors have targeted the unstable Collin and have been dispatched to retrieve the huge settlement he received. At the same time, they have framed him so that law enforcement agencies have joined the hunt, believing that he is involved in major cyber attacks on several large banks. With the help of his long-time friend Lukas Mueller, a highly trained security expert, Collin must find a way to stay alive and maintain his freedom while teetering on the brink of emotional collapse.

Excerpt from Off Kilter:

London, England
April 30

Adrenaline made his hands shake, but he forced them to remain steady. Fear made his breathing ragged, but he forced it to slow down. Apprehension made his body rigid, but he forced his muscles to move. When prompted, he stepped forward and gave the uniformed guard at the security line his passport and boarding pass. He had done this dozens of times over the past six months in more airports than he could remember. But today was different. Today he had actually seen them. They were real and they were there, somewhere, hunting him. 

James Stevens, as the passport read, was a thirty year old Canadian national. His real name, however, was Collin Cook, and he hailed from Huntington Beach, California. He was a man on the run. From many things. For now, he just wanted to get out of London, out of England, and on to the next unfamiliar hiding place. Without anyone following him or recognizing him.

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About the Author:

Glen Robins first began writing shortly after graduating from Brigham Young University in 1992. He worked on a novel at night and in the early morning hours between appointments with clients. Although that book was never completed and, therefore, never published, it proved to him that he had a creative muse. That muse just needed to find its voice. In 2010, a split-second, horrifying dream caused him to contemplate what was really important to him. He used writing as catharsis, later adding in generous amounts of imagination, wanderlust, and creative plotting to build the story that became the "Off" series. "Off Kilter" was started in earnest in the summer of 2011 and, given his busy schedule as a sole proprietor, a Scoutmaster, a husband, and father of six, it was completed and published in early 2015. "Off Course," the follow-up to "Off Kilter," was published in March 2016. Proof positive that despite the pressing responsibilities life had handed him, the muse lived on inside. Learn more about Glen Robins and his books at

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