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Book Tour: LIVE, LOVE, REPEAT SERIES by Shaunna Gonzales

One life...
Trevor Palmer must sink or survive, quite literally. Choosing to manipulate the changing hands of his company for his own good, he relocates to the rough country of Idaho, in searching for his great great grandfather's mine.

Porsche has sworn off all men but meeting Trevor has changed her best laid plans, throwing her resolve to find the perfect man for her sister against her, stumbling head on into the ideal man for herself.

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Living to love...

Trevor Palmer must not only deal with his emotional loss but cope with being wheelchair bound. Paralyzed he must choose to move on with his life or let his misery consume him.

Mercedes has worked hard to get her job as a therapist for a new age rehabilitation clinic but will her creative therapy heal Trevor or bring them both to destruction? Trevor's disability may be more in his head with his Conversion Disorder but it may be physical as well.

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Trevor Palmer is paralyzed from his mining accident but it may be in his head with his Conversion disorder.

Mercedes has worked long and hard to become a therapist for a new age rehabilitation center but will she let her feelings for her patient overshadow her life when a family catastrophe hits her family?

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Shaunna Gonzales currently resides with her family in the greater Seattle area. Married over thirty years, her role as wife and mother of four continue to be her priorities.
A storyteller in her youth, she endevored to extend her love of stories to the written word and in 2005 began to write her first novel. Though that manuscript will remain buried, she has continued to learn.
Once told by her doctors that she would never leave her wheelchair -- due to her Multiple sclerosis. It has been tucked in a closet while she continues on. (In other words muddles on.)

Shaunna has worked as a professional reviewer for InD'Tales eMagazine for three years. In 2012 she also served as the vice president of Moonwriters, the on-line chapter of American Night Writers Association (ANWA She prefers to write romantic fiction and has ventured into the romantic suspense, and time-travel genres. Her debut novel, Dark Day s of Promise was released by Desert Breeze Publishing in 2012 re-released 2015.
Although she prefers to spend her days writing, she is willing to share what she has learned from the school of life and is often found "giving back." 

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The copy I received of the first book in this series was not a full book, so I will leave it to others to review that book. I did read books 2 and 3 in the series.

Book 2, In Her Hands, is a continuation of the story between Trevor and Porsche Roemer after an accident that has left Trevor wounded as much psychologically as physically. He believes Porsche is dead, his belief reinforced by being unable to contact her family in Idaho, the location of his copper mine where the accident took place. However, Porsche is still alive, but in a coma, and she still plays an interesting role in this story. I enjoyed the way the author wrote her character along with the other characters in this book.

Unbeknownst to him, Porsche’s sister, Mercedes, becomes Trevor’s physical therapist once he returns to his home in Las Vegas. As much as the two interact, it seems strange they don’t make this connection, but they are both very private about their feelings regarding Porsche.

Meanwhile, the relationship between the two of them grows. There is a lot of sexually suggestive dialogue in the book—some of it might be typical since Trevor is a young man worried about how he as a paraplegic appears to women. Beyond that, the issues of dealing with health care employees coming into his home and the details about his therapy were interesting, especially in light of his doctor’s  suspicions about the true nature of his disability. I found that even though I did not read the first book in this series, there was enough information in this book that I could read it as a stand-alone without feeling lost because I hadn’t read the first book.

Book 3 in the Live, Love and Repeat series, His Choice, continues the story of Trevor and Mercedes. Some of the same characters from book 2 were also present. It continues Trevor’s progress with his physical therapy he receives from Mercedes, plus he chooses to take more responsibility in his own recovery. He also resolves the true nature of the feelings he had for Mercedes’s sister, Porsche, and his sense of guilt over her loss.

I found the characters engaging in spite of there being quite a bit of sexually suggestive dialogue. It was interesting how the author dealt with the relationship that grew between Trevor and Mercedes. He wished to return to his mine in Idaho, and she refused to return for any length of time to the home where she felt she always lived in her sister’s shadow. And, although Porsche has left her earth life, she still plays an interesting role in this three-book series until the end.

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  1. Robyn, please post your reviews to Amazon and Goodreads too. Thank you. Shaunna

  2. The first book was good! I didn't have time to read the other 2 :/