Friday, February 10, 2012

Computer Years Like Dog Years?

Merced River in January 2012 exiting Yosemite Park

Old Toshiba is all rejuvenated after a day at the "spa", but the "spa attendant" is exhausted. It is a lot of work doing all the backing-up of files, the reformat and restore and adding back programs.

Then there are the updates. Old Toshiba was bought in 2005, which means that with my conservative (cheap), non-cutting edge approach to computer purchases, Old Toshiba was on her way to being a discontinued model when I bought her. Even though she was brand-new, she is still seven years old today. Do you have any idea how many updates there are on everything for a seven year-old computer? I do.

The question is, are computer years like dog years--one year equals seven years in a human? Or, is the ratio one year in computer life is the same as ten human years? I know a computer is obsolete the moment it hits the marketplace, but I mean, how many years of functional use can we expect from a computer?

Old Toshiba was reinstalled with Internet Explorer 6. We are now on EI9. I could not install my anti-virus suite until I updated to a later version. First, I had to install Firefox so I could install the anti-virus so I could update EI, which, because this is an XP, meant EI8.

For my wallpaper, I decided to use a snapshot I took up in Yosemite National Park last month.

At least all my old software programs that do not work well on New Toshiba still work great on Old Toshiba.

Yesterday was not a total loss as a writing work day. Between all the installs, updates and reboots, I worked on New Toshiba researching marketing strategies for writers and potential publishers and agents.

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