Monday, February 13, 2012

Robyn's New Author Photo

Did I mention I was in Yosemite National Park last month?

In December and January, my husband must have taken 40-50 shots of me. I was looking for something I could submit as an author photograph. We tried in the house and outside (keep in mind, in the winter there is very little in bloom or in leaf, for that matter). Even the trusty dwarf orange tree as a backdrop yielded nothing interesting.

On the holiday weekend, my husband and I decided to go to Yosemite for a day trip. If I had planned on trying for some pictures up there, I probably would have worn something different. On a whim, as we neared the entrance to the park, we pulled into a scenic view parking area and I started posing for the camera.

We ended up taking pictures in various locations through the park, including the spot by the Merced River which I featured in my last blog post. The three shots I ended up liking the best were all taken with this backdrop. To get it, I stood on the concrete bench in front of the little chapel in Yosemite Valley while my intrepid photographer laid flat on the ice-encrusted grass. (There has been very little snow in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains this year, but, after all, this was January)

After sleeping on it for several weeks, this is the pose I selected. It has a bit of an artsy look to it, not as much shadow on my face as my other pose I liked well, and I do not look quite as old as the ice age glacier-cut cliffs behind me.

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