Monday, November 23, 2015

Family Secrets by Zina Abbott

Zina Abbott is my pen name. Because of Thanksgiving this week, I am featuring this book due to the Thanksgiving theme that runs through it even through it.

About Family Secrets:

From Vietnam to Afghanistan, how many secrets can one family keep?

Jennie Graves Howell has a secret, including being thought of as a loyal wife to her husband serving in Afghanistan, a husband who has demanded a divorce.

     Jennie’s family do not want her to delve into the past. Grandpa Mike refuses to talk about his experiences in the Vietnam War and the aftermath. He wants the biggest mistake he ever made to remain hidden in the past, including family members Jennie never heard about until hints of their existence begin to seep through the cracks of secrecy.

      Her new friends at the Golden Oaks Family Ties club are willing to teach Jennie the skills she needs to unlock her family’s secrets, but is she willing and emotionally strong enough to learn what her family has kept hidden?

Excerpt from Family Secrets:
“So you’re not afraid of opening Pandora’s Box?” Kaylee asked.
          “I don’t see it as Pandora’s Box. I see it as—well, not like a treasure chest—more like a strong box with important information inside that can be of great value if only I can unlock it.”
          “And your grandpa is the key, no?” said Lupe.
          “No…” Jennie hesitated. “He’s the lock. He’s the one who keeps everyone from talking about it so it stays hidden away.”
          “So, what’s the key?” asked Kaylee.
          “I think it’s more of a case of who is the key?” said Donna.
          The room grew silent as everyone looked at Jennie.
          “I guess I’m hoping I’m the key,” Jennie said….

          “Thanks, and I appreciate all your help. I’m going to study these hand-outs and look up all the online sites so I can be as prepared as possible. Wish me luck on Thanksgiving Day, will you? That is the one holiday my mom’s side of the family always spends together. Even though he sometimes gets quiet and grumpy after dinner, it seems to be Grandpa Mike’s favorite holiday.”
          “Really!” said Kayla. “I think Christmas is most people’s favorite holiday. I know it’s mine, hands down.”
          “Grandpa Mike says we can visit other sides of the family any other holiday, but Thanksgiving belongs to him. It’s really important to him to spend it with as many of the family as possible. I just hope that since it’s his favorite holiday, he will be in a good mood and agree to talk to me.”
          “We will be pulling for you one hundred percent, Jennie,” assured Sandy. “We can hardly wait until next month when you tell us how things worked out.”
          “Yeah, and find out why he likes Thanksgiving so much while you’re at it,” said Kaylee.

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