Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Wonders: THE BOLD VENTURE

Today's Wednesday Wonders features Linda Ellen's novel,
The Bold Venture.

Book description:

The Bold Venture is the much-anticipated sequel to the 2014 Lyra Independent Fiction Contest Romance Category Winner ONCE IN A WHILE, the 2nd book in the Cherished Memories series. This book picks up the story one week after Once in a While ends.

In the first book, Vic Matthews and Louise Hoskins meet, fall in love, are separated for a time, and are brought back together.  In this 2nd installment (of which there will be 3), it is 1941, and Vic and Louise work on their relationship and bide their time until they can be together.  (To say more about that here would be spoilers.)  They get married, amidst Vic keeping secrets from Louise.  WWII soon breaks out, affecting their friends and family.

     The sweethearts, Vic Matthews and Louise Hoskins, are finally back together after their heartrending years apart - but problems loom that threaten to wreck their plans.
     Steadfast, they are determined that their love will reign triumphant. Vic vows that he will do whatever it takes to provide a home for Louise and her son, but that resolution causes problems of its own when he makes a decision that could prove ruinous for everyone concerned.
     Follow the valiant couple as they weather every disappointment and setback with courage and integrity – even in the midst of a world at war. Once they marry and start their life together, will it be happy ever after? And will the big break he longs, prays, and works toward ever come?
Heartfelt, romantic, humorous, and awash in delightful moments, The Bold Venture captures the power of true love and the mystique of what has been called the “Greatest Generation.”

Author Interview – Q&A:

Q: What inspired you to write this particular series?

Linda: I was looking for something unique to use as a plot line and I realized that my own parents’  romance was full of interesting and poignant twists and turns. There was plenty of material there to use, and since my mom is 91 and still with us, she could provide details and information to help me.  I originally intended it to be just one book, but once I started, the project grew and grew, and took on a life of its own.  As many authors will tell you, the characters took over and many times wrote chapters or scenes I hadn’t even planned.
Vic and Louise on a date at the Madrid Ballroom, 1941

Q: How do you spend your free time?

Linda: I admit to spending too much time surfing the web and Facebook.  I do, however, read quite a bit, and when I’m not writing, I spend time with my family, watching DVDs with my husband, going to church, and chatting with friends.  I make it a point to spend one day a week with my mom.

Q: What is the thing you struggle most with when you are writing and how do you defeat it?

Linda: I struggle with several things while writing...being distracted, unable to focus on the scene or chapter at hand, or being faced with too many choices of how a scene should go and thereby stalling myself with indecision.  I defeat that by going over what I wrote the day before, and mentally carrying a plot idea out to its conclusion and seeing if I like the way that conclusion feels.  But actually what helps me defeat all of that, more than anything, is praying for help. Praying for solid ideas and wisdom to know what to choose, whether for that scene, that chapter, or for the whole book.  The Lord is a great co-writer – I just need to stop forgetting that, lol.

Q: Do you listen to music while you write? If so what kind?

Linda:  I do, actually.  I find that I can write much easier and the words and thoughts flow much better, if I have a radio playing downstairs. I like it just loud enough to hear it and understand the words, but not overwhelming. It’s always tuned to my favorite station, WJIE, our local contemporary Christian radio station.  Its songs are wonderfully inspiring and uplifting.

Q: Since this book is the 2nd in a series, can it be read as a standalone?

Linda: Yes, I think a reader could enjoy the story if read first, as I tried to reiterate major events and reintroduce characters.  However, to get the full effect, it would probably be better to read Once in a While first, otherwise reading the 2nd book will reveal spoilers that would make reading the first less enjoyable.  Once in a While is now on KU, for those readers who have access to that.

The Bold Venture is for sale in both ebook and print. 

About Linda Ellen:

Linda Ellen lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband and youngest son. A lifelong avid reader, after encouragement from her family and friends, she tried her hand at writing in 2009 and never looked back. Prior to the release of her debut novel Once in a While (fashioned from the real-life story of her parents’ romance), she has written 30 well-received Fan Fiction works, including short stories, missing scenes, novellas, and four full length novels, based on the TV show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Linda keeps very busy with her work in her church’s prison ministry and writing every spare moment she gets. Under production is one more book in the Cherished Memories series and a possible novella. 

To keep up with the latest news on her books, including trailers, cover reveals, release dates, and book signings, visit and ‘like’ her Facebook page, Linda Ellen – Author. Also, if you ‘Follow” her on her Amazon Author Page, you will be notified when she publishes her next book. For a special treat, go to her Pinterest page to see many pictures related to all three stories.

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