Monday, September 14, 2015

THE FOURTEENTH QUILT: A Book & Blog Interactive Experience

What do I mean about The Fourteenth Quilt being a book & blog interactive experience? I'm trying something that, although may not be new, is new to me.

The Fourteenth Quilt is more than a novel about how one quilt touched the lives of a young couple in love, three Mormon quilters and several others. It offers recipes and directions for Celia's Cat Mats. I also features general directions for making a lap quilt out of scrappy blocks sewn from left-over fabric strips --  or strips cut from fabric scraps a quilter would like to use up and get out of her/his stash. (I include "his," because there are several well-known male quilters out there and we now have two men who are members of just our local quilt guild.)
Lynn's Cross-cut Scrappy Strip Lap Quilt, "Gung Ho!"

I don't know about you, but even though I am a writer and I can read and follow instructions better than the average person, there are just some instances where I do better "reading the pictures."

In the publishing world, adding graphics or pictures can be expensive. I decided one way I could provide some images to go with the tutorials for both the Celia's Cat Mats and Lynn's Cross-cut Scrappy Strip Lap Quilt was by taking the written instructions in the book, putting them on a blog post and adding my images to create a blog tutorial. I will give the blog URL (web address) at the end of each tutorial in the book for my readers.

With that thought, I took the idea even further. Since this book is based on actual events that took place in 2012, I do have a few photographs that go with the story. Not a lot. After all, I didn't realize we were living a novel in the making until it was all over. But, one way I can share a few of these pictures is through blog posts.

I chose to use my quilting blog, QUILT GATEWAY, for these posts. There are six total scheduled. Two are already active:

1.  Annie's SWEET SUMMER and CHEERFUL Quilts

2.  Lynn's Cross-cut Scrappy Strip Lap Quilt


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