Saturday, September 12, 2015

THE FOURTEENTH QUILT: New Book, New Look & Blog Tour

I hope to have The Fourteenth Quilt published and available for sale by September 17th. My original plan was to publish this mid-October, but things changed.

Yes, I'm one of those who complains about Christmas decorations being out before Halloween. However, in the romance novel world, if you don't get your Christmas book published before Thanksgiving--preferably by October or early November--you just might miss the season. 

However, my big motivator for a September publication date is my local quilt show sponsored by the Gateway Quilt Guild in Merced to be held the first weekend in October. They are sponsoring a booth for guild members to offer quilting and sewing related items for sale. What can be more quilting related than a novel about quilters and their struggles and successes?

 Look for a change to my right sidebar as I organize my blog tour and Facebook event to be held October 19th through the 24th. I have put out a few queries and you can see the blogs that are already lined up for the blog tour. 

If you would like to be part of my blog tour, please leave a comment in the comments section.  

While putting together my new blog banner to show my new book, The Fourteenth Quilt, I decided my blog needed a new look. While perusing the wallpaper options, I came across this nature scene of the mountains. Besides it containing some of my favorite colors, I thought it set off my blog banner background shot in Yosemite National Park. What do you think?

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