Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday Wonders: BEARSKIN

Today’s Wednesday Wonders features the Young Adult novel, Bearskin, by Jamie Robyn Wood.

About the Book:

When Conrad, Moiria, and Heppson's evil enchantress mother tries to convince them to follow her dark ways, they must each decide where the line lies between good and evil, magic and mythology. Based on a lesser-known fairy tale, this young adult book features an impossible romance, an intricate plot, and twists you won't see coming.

The Queen seeks only for power.
The brothers stumble in their rivalry for the throne.
And so the sister, normally hidden in the shadows, finds herself driven to take control.

Moiria never meant to use the knife her mother offered, but now her life depends on her continued and defensive ruthlessness. Is it possible to reclaim the motivation that initially set her on this path of destruction? Can Moiria recapture the heart and soul she’s lost to her mother’s evil? Only forest journeys, desert passages, and an encounter with a magical Bear – and his Bearskin – can possibly bring it right again.


It happened when the summer days drifted haltingly away – time passing, as it always does. The coolness of autumn arrived. He first saw her bundled form where she curled to sleep near the shuttered and fading light of a heap of night-curtained logs. Heppson found he could not help but stay to watch her, this human girl he’d discovered within his forest. The hours of his time as human silently slipped past him while his gaze took in her, hungry for the kind of life she lived.

A human. A girl. And one quite near his age, it would seem. Sleeping right there, in his empty, mindless forest. As though such an act were normal and of everyday occurrence. As though young girls with long manes of flame often traveled alone and slept beside half-collapsed fires.

Captured by the simple, inescapable fact of her existence; captured by her humanity; Heppson paused his aimless night-time wanderings and – almost hypnotized – watched her breathe. He watched her sleep. He watched the embers of her fire as they glowed against her pressed-closed eyes and wrapped-tight self. When morning came – and with it Bear – he managed to make himself slink away, if only because he promised himself he would find her again when night returned, and she slept once more beneath the open air. 

To learn more about Jamie's contest and special offer to introduce Bearskin, click HERE.


About the Author:

  Jamie Robyn Wood is a full-time wife and mother, and a part-time fantasy writer and essayist. Over the years she has handed out money at banks, taught ballet, and managed to make dinner for her family semi-regularly. Jamie never imagined the wind could blow so hard and so cold until she moved to the Midwest. Now she prefers to hunker inside the house with a story to write. Bearskin is her first novel. She, her husband, their five children, and their “pet” squirrels currently reside in Coralville, Iowa.

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