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Friday is Day 5 of The Fourteenth Quilt blog tour. I have 5 excerpts and 3 Q&A interviews scattered throughout the tour, plus a sign-up for a Rafflecopter giveaway. I hope you catch them all.

The blog featured today are:
  • Author S.E. Daley - She is featuring Excerpt #5, "First Kiss." You may find her blog on the right-hand sidebar or by clicking HERE.
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S.E, Daley who sent me a set of questions for her blog. I did not get them back to her in time. Here they are:

Author Interview Questions

1.     S.E. Daley: What inspired you to write in the first place?
Robyn: I have always loved to read and write. I was sort of a dreamy child who made up stories in my head. I naturally progressed to writing my stories down so others could read them.

2.     S.E. Daley: What inspired this particular book?
Robyn: Although much of this book is pure fiction, the main plot is based on real events. At the time I worked with my two friends to make lap quilts for the local rest home I had no idea what would happen, especially that last week before Christmas. We had some crazy experiences. In other words, who could make this stuff up? It was only when I looked back on the real fourteenth quilt and realized the many lives it touched that I sensed its significance. I said, “Someone needs to write a book about this.” So, I did.

3.     S.E. Daley: How do you spend your free time?
Robyn: I enjoy reading, mostly fiction, but often non-fiction, particularly history. I love to quilt, although it does not rate as high as reading. I used to garden, but now I am writing more I don’t have the time. Last, I enjoy going on road trips, particularly into the mountains. Research trips are almost as much fun as writing the books set in the localities I’ve researched. I also work at the family history center and participate in my church, the local genealogical society, quilt guild and the local Daughters of Utah Pioneers. I attend way too many board meetings…..

4.     S.E. Daley: What literary character do you most relate too?
Robyn: I don’t think in those terms so I have no idea. I do know of most of the prominent people I hear quoted, I enjoy quotes from Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein the most.

5.     S.E. Daley: What is the thing you struggle most with when you are writing and how do you defeat it?
Robyn: The more I publish, the more time I spend marketing my books: blogs – including on group blogs –Facebook, Twitter, blog tours, making promotional hand-outs – all the things needed to get my name and the name of my books out there so people know what I have to offer. I defeat it by keeping on top of my calendaring, making templates for visuals to use and reuse on Twitter and Facebook, and keeping an organized filing system on my computer not only of my research and other resources, but also of my promotional and publishing deadlines.

6.     S.E. Daley: If you could spend a day inside one book, what book would it be and why?
Robyn: I try to spend a little bit of every day inside one book or another, whatever I’m reading at the time. The book I most like to get into is the one I’m writing at the moment.  

7.     S.E. Daley: If your book was made into a movie, who would play the main characters?
Robyn: Considering this particular book was based on many actual people, I guess the obvious answer would be…. Frankly, I much prefer to read and write, so I watch very little television and rarely go to movies. I have no idea who could play the three old quilters. For the young couple, Sarah and Brian, there are some wonderful young actors and actresses, but I don’t know their names. Someone else would have to do the casting.

8.     S.E. Daley: Do you listen to music while you write? If so what kind?
Robyn: Nope. I like it dead silent.

9.     S.E. Daley: What is your writing snack of choice?
Robyn: Do I have to limit it to just one? Chocolate, crackers, Craisins, yogurt, cheese sticks, and soda.

10. S.E. Daley: Which of your personality traits did you write into one of your characters? (Accidental or deliberate)
Robyn: My tendency to be a little sarcastic. I try to be tactful when I speak – a trait that does not come naturally to me – but in my mind I’m often thinking something entirely different. In The Fourteenth Quilt, Lynn is a little like that.

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