Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Wonders: HALLOWS GATE

Today's Wednesday Wonders features Hallows Gate by Michelle Erickson.

Book Description:

New Year’s Eve changed Angelina ‘s life

She got lost and fell in love – with a ghost.

Now she needs to save him by becoming his wife

The problem?

If she succeeds, she frees him, but loses him forever.

Love is more complicated than she thought...

And that doesn’t include the elves. 

Short Excerpt:

 “Angelina?” he looked as if he were fighting some inner battle.

He’d never said my name before in dreams.  His voice made it sound intimate.  I touched my lips and stared at his; he wasn’t going to get away that easily.  I wanted to kiss him again.
I looked at the ever-so-real illusion in front of me, “You always called me Angel when we were under the tree, you know.”
His eyes traveled over my face as if memorizing it.
“I’m going to wake up soon.  Let’s just kiss ‘til I do.”  It seemed the best use of my time.  I stepped forward and he held up his hand to stop my approach, looking regretful, but not as regretful as I felt he should look. 
“But you’re not dreaming,” he was amused and he seemed to be able to read minds.  I guessed men who looked like super-heroes were entitled to super powers.
I blinked at him, confused. “I need to kiss you again.”
His smile deepened, revealing a shallow dimple in his right cheek.  It looked very attractive and I wanted to kiss it as well.  He looked wistful and then his eyes sank to my lips and rose back up to my eyes. “You will.”
I smiled, ready to step forward just as he disappeared.
I blinked and looked around, like the fool I was, wondering where he went.  Then it dawned on me that I really was getting soaked.  It was cold enough I could see my breath.  Through the misty shroud my breath made, I realized I was not only alone; I was standing in a hollowed-out building in the dark, two feet from a gaping hole in the floor.  If he hadn’t stopped me from going forward…
Numbly, I skirted the hole, walked out the doorless building that had a large “Danger!” sign tacked to the wall.  I stumbled down the broken steps, avoiding those that were missing, ignoring the pelting rain. 
The parking lot was empty, except for my car.
I opened the car door, sat behind the wheel, put the car in reverse, and floored it.  I wanted to huddle over the heater, but my chattering teeth weren’t only connected to temperature.
Three things were screamingly apparent.
First, this wasn’t a dream.
Second, he knew my name.
Third, I wanted him to kiss me.
I touched my lips with a shaking hand.  No, make it four things:  Apparently, I just kissed a ghost and it was, without a doubt, the best kiss I had ever had. 
I didn’t need caffeine.  I was so awake my hair was standing on end.

About the Author:

In the past, I've suffered from post-apocalyptic stress syndrome while writing 5 Blanks, powered an ancient artifact using a pair of star-crossed lovers in Chest of Souls, recovered Christmas by unearthing the forgotten love story of the Klauses, and, in Pic Jump, saved a little girl from a terrorist organization armed with nothing but a Barbie head and a woman in a coma. Oh, and helped a woman get lost and find true love - with a ghost - in Hallows Gate.

People ask how I do what I do. Simply put: I LOVE what I do. I thrive on the written word! By the time you read this, I'll be working with awesome new characters to turn upside down (or inside out), spinning more plots to weave into their lives and planting subplots to harvest when they aren't looking.

I'm currently at work on House of Cards (Book 1 has been released), a children's urban fantasy I'm co-authoring with my oldest daughter. Other projects?   I'm being haunted by characters that demand sequels, and those who simply want to get their fifteen minutes in the spotlight. Masters of Lightning, never-say-die ghosts, and Elves with attitude are among these.

It has been a long and miraculous (always mental), journey. I bid you good reads wherever you go and in case I don't survive my next adventure, I left my will at the bottom of a volcano under a rock.

Are you still reading this? Good. Keep it up - and thanks for dropping by! 

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