Friday, October 2, 2015

SUMMER HEARTS: End of Summer Special

If you don't have your copy yet, now is your chance to pick up SUMMER HEARTS for only $.99!

This is for FRIDAY ONLY, October 2nd.

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My romantic comedy story,
"The Best Place to Meet a Man," is one of the six stories in the compilation. 

Here is the novel description:

Jeff Pearson runs along the beach with the intent to clear his head and figure out the direction he wants his life to take next.

Meredith Hanson is determined to spend the day relaxing at the beach under the shade of her umbrella within the sound of the ocean waves so she can read her romantic suspense novel – even if it means she must take her two young nephews along and wait until they fall asleep for their afternoon naps before she cracks open her book.

In this contemporary romantic comedy, two seekers of solitude collide at the beach when two little boys create new plans.

...and an excerpt:

Which explains why I got into a snit and decided to go to the beach anyway. I mean, why should I have to give up doing what I want to do on my Saturday—again? Why should I be stuck in the house—again? Nope, I’d head for the beach.
I’d just take the boys to the beach with me. I had it all planned out. I would take my biggest blanket, find a spot where there weren’t as many people, in sight of the water but not too close, and get the boys settled under the shade of the umbrella. I’d slather them with sunscreen and let them play until lunchtime. Then I’d feed them, and allow them to fall asleep for their afternoon naps while listening to the soothing sounds of water lapping against the shore.    
After all, if I played with Xander in the morning before I left, took plenty of snacks and toys for Xander and enough bottles and some applesauce for Calend, plus plenty of diapers and pull-ups for the two, they should be fine, right? Once they zonked out under the shade of the umbrella with a lightweight blanket over them if the breeze off the water should kick up, they should sleep for hours, right? I’d have lots of time full of peace and quiet to read. I should be able to get well into my story before they woke up and it was time to go home.
What could go wrong?

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